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New Releases

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Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid

Grand Hybrid Pianos | Celviano

The Celviano Grand Hybrid is a superior, crafted digital piano, with the experience that goes far beyond playing piano. The new history of the digital piano starts now!

digital keyboards Pianos Privia Casio Product

Privia | Digital Pianos

Privia’s piano tones are sourced from recordings of world famous concert grand pianos. This truly amazing digital piano goes beyond sound!

digital keyboards Pianos Celviano AP700

Celviano | Digital Pianos

The Casio’s Celviano line has been refined to exceed all expectations, with its latest AP-700 leading the flagship digital piano and its unprecedented superb acoustic grand piano tones.

digital keyboards Pianos Compact Music Casio

Compact Digital Pianos

The CDP-230 brings a new level of creativity to the world of affordable Compact Digital Pianos. This digital piano is jam-packed with features and the latest Casio Sound Technology!

digital keyboards Pianos portable stage pianos casio

Portable Stage Pianos

Take it to the stage! With our ensemble portable digital pianos designed to perform, and ready to make you sound your best.

digital keyboards Pianos Synthesizer XW Casio

Synthesizers | Digital Keyboards

The long awaited Synthesizer with an overpowering presence that generates exactly the sounds you’re after has arrived!

digital keyboards Pianos DJ casio controller Casio

DJ Controller | Trackformer

The Cool All-in-One Beat making Machine that includes all the features essential for laying down tracks, such as synthesizer, a sequencer, a sampler, effects speaker and batteries.

digital keyboards Pianos music arranger workstations MZ-X

Workstation Arranger Keyboards | Digital Keyboards

The multi-talented keyboards line has been Reinvented, Revived & Re-imaged. Stunning sound quality providing inspiration and enhanced controls and interface have given the arranger keyboard a bright future!

digital keyboards Pianos Standard Music Casio

Digital Keyboards | Standard Keyboards

Essential Digital Keyboards includes all basic functions of high-quality tones and rhythms.

Education digital keyboards Pianos Music Casio

Popular Education Models | Digital Keyboards

Casio digital instruments make music education more enjoyable and interesting. Find out more about our recommended popular education models.

Key Lighting digital keyboards Pianos Music Casio Lesson Education

Key Light Keyboards | Digital Keyboards

Simply perform and learn with our Key Lighting Digital Keyboards, providing you with a full range of lesson functions for more enjoyable and appealing classes.

Non touch sensitive digital keyboards Pianos Music Casio

Non Touch Sensitive Keyboards | Digital Keyboards

Our non-touch sensitive digital keyboards.

Mini Digital Keyboards Pianos casio compact

Mini Digital Keyboards

Compact and Loads of fun! Not to mention it has a rich selection of high-quality tones and rhythms.

Accessories Digital Keyboards Casio Music Product


Click for more information on our full range of Keyboard Accessories which includes; Digital Piano Stand, Carry Bags, Benches, Adaptors and many more.

Discontinued Models Past digital keyboards Pianos Music Casio


Over the years we are proud to have made wonderful products. Although, they are no longer available, you are welcome to view our past models.

Chordana Play App

Chordana Play App

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Chordana Play teaches you to play in a fun, visual way. Follow the music score or piano roll notation at your own pace, with the app guiding you through each step.