Casio has recently formed a partnership with MusicEDU and the Keyboard Evolution program. MusicEDU provides affordable curriculum support for Music Teachers around Australia, particularly in the compulsory music classroom settings in High Schools. 


MusicEDU and their education partners run professional development sessions and workshops around Australia, demonstrating how technology can be holistically integrated into the classroom. Allowing teachers a hands on environment to see how this can be achieved, whilst experiencing the latest in affordable digital keyboard and piano technology, gives music teachers inspiration to increased student engagement in the classroom.


The Keyboard Evolution program gets students playing and interacting with technology from their first session and embraces many of the features available on portable keyboards that are often neglected. Additionally, students who may have already benefited from private piano lessons are catered for with extension repertoire which comfortably integrates with the easy repertoire designed for the beginner students. The program caters for both self-based learning and ensemble and whole-of-class scenarios. MusicEDU has successfully tackled the difficulty of “differentiated learning” within the music classroom environment. 


MusicEDU has recently launched it’s Studio Sessions program which encompasses Keyboard, Computer and the JamHub technologies. Studio Sessions is a revolution to the music classroom with an easy to integrate platform of resources for teachers, providing a pathway to combining performance, listening and composition alongside the popular area of music technology for students; producing. 


Recently Casio has provided CTK6000’s to MusicEDU’s Keyboard Evolution workshops in Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Additionally Casio worked alongside MusicEDU at the Cairns Music Conference where over 80 music teachers gathered in their holidays to gain the latest in music technology for the classroom. 


Casio remains the Number 1 keyboard and digital piano brand in education with its continued investment in technology, backed up with a 5 year Australian warranty. Casio remains committed to providing the best value for money offering to schools in Australia and supporting continuous improvement within the classroom environment.


To find out more about MusicEDU’s school programs visit 




Privia PX-350 Hits a High Note in the Music Industry with Enhanced Keyboard and New Powerful Sound Engine

DOVER, NJ (DECEMBER 4, 2012) - Casio is proud to announce that the Privia PX-350 is a recipient of the prestigious Key Buy Award presented by Keyboard magazine. Keyboard magazine is a highly regarded publication in the music industry andfeatures the most innovative instruments and the latest in music technology. Casio has been a Key Buy Award recipient five times in the last four years for a variety of popular keyboards including the XW-P1, PX-3, PX-330 and WK-7500.

Key Buy Award winners are selected throughout the year by the editors of Keyboard magazine. New products are reviewed and those that meet the Keyboard magazine standards are placed in the Key Buy Award contenders’ bracket. The editors then work together to select the winners based on the following criteria:

  • The product represents a genuine technological breakthrough
  • At press time, it's the best product in its class
  • It offers more bang-for-your-buck that's better than what anyone would expect

“We at Casio are extremely excited to be recognized as a Key Buy Award winner for our new Privia PX-350,” said Stephen Schmidt, vice president of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instruments Division. “With exceptional new features including Casio’s new proprietary sound source, "AiR" (Acoustic and itelligent Resonator) and an authentic acoustic piano feel, the Privia PX-350 is truly a groundbreaking digital keyboard designed to meet the needs of all musicians.”


PX-350 Electronic Piano


The Privia PX-350 delivers unmatched realism and detail. It’s equipped with Casio’s new proprietary sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) which provides damper resonance and sensational dynamics, utilizing 4 layer stereo dynamic piano samples. The Privia PX-350 also features a redesigned 88 note Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard and utilizes over three times the waveform memory of the previous generation. This latest Privia model has a total of 250 instrument tones built in and the ability to store a user’s preferred splits and layers for live performances. It can also record a 44.1kHz.wav file directly to a USB thumb drive so that rehearsals and performances can be shared with others.

According to Richard Leiter of Keyboard magazine, “The Privia PX-350 has the soul of a real acoustic grand. It’s inspiring and emotional in a way that I haven’t experienced in a digital piano outside of the best virtual instruments and most expensive hardware digitals.”


ANAHEIM, CA (JANUARY 24, 2012) — As a leader in the electronic musical instrument space, Casio is pleased to introduce a new game-changing digital piano to its popular Privia line – the Privia Pro PX-5S. The new PX-5S represents the first electronic piano in Casio’s Privia Pro series, a sub-category aimed for professional stage musicians and will be exhibited in Casio’s booth during Winter NAMM at the Anaheim Convention Center, January 24-27, 2013.

“The launch of Casio’s Privia Pro series further exemplifies the company’s commitment to the musical instrument category. We are no longer just producing musical instruments; we are going beyond sound by enabling professional musicians to express themselves and create music like never before,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instruments Division. “Our new Privia PX-5S sets the stage for Casio’s foray into the professional music space.”

The newly developed Privia Pro PX-5S is a genuine stage piano, advanced MIDI controller and performance workstation packed with functions that set it apart from other digital pianos. Equipped with Casio’s new proprietary sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), the PX-5S delivers acoustic piano sounds with unmatched realism and detail. The power of AiR is also applied to an all new set of authentic vintage electric piano sounds and clavinets that is paired by a powerful new effects engine giving the PX-5S an arsenal of both acoustic and electric piano sounds.



In addition the PX-5S features a large assortment of fully programmable sounds, including Hex Layer tones derived from the award winning XW-P1 synthesizer. Hex Layers can produce evocative synth sounds as well as complex acoustic and orchestral simulations.

The PX-5S is stage piano like no other. In a remarkable light-weight chassis (less than 11kg) it is also a four-zone performance controller, complete with 4 assignable knobs, 6 assignable sliders, 2 pedal inputs, pitch and modulation wheels. 4 independent and programmable arpeggiators allow the PX-5S to expand in to sonic territory by creating an array of animated textures. An 8 track phrase sequencer allows the performer to trigger sequences and riffs which can be triggered and transpose and on the fly, allowing for unheard of performances by a single musician.

"The Privia PX-5S is a new breed of stage piano," said Schmidt. "Designed with a plethora of features ideal for any performing musician, the PX-5S is sure to raise the bar and caliber of stage pianos within the industry."

Casio’s PX-5S even provides the ability to record a 44.1kHz .wav file directly to a USB thumb drive so that rehearsals, performances and moments of inspiration can be easily captured and shared.

The PX-5S will be available soon from selected retailers - register your details for the most up to date information.