Australian singer / songwriter Shane McLeay has been using a Casio privia with his band for the past few years. His album 'Odyssey' was released in 2010 and saw much accliam with the 1st single “Hold On” used to promote the Australian movie “Hobby Farm” (winner of the 2008 New York Film Festival).  The Shane McLeay band uses a PX330 and a PX130WE. The film clip for the single 'Turn' from the album features the Privia PX130WE.







Shane McLeay started in the music business, touring and recording with veteran gospel band Turn The Page in the 80’s when he was only sixteen years old, he then went on to play in numerous bands over the last two decades also working on many albums during that time.


Odyssey is Shane’s first solo album and the break through single from the album, “Hold On” received rave reviews prior to its official release and debuted at No.1 on commercial radio station listener driven music charts. “Hold On” has also been well received internationally, especially in Canada where the song received extensive radio play resulting in unanticipated success in that country, all this before its official release. The album was coproduced with Shane, bass player Jason Brooks, guitarist Greg Nix and producers Peter Stevenson and Hamish McDonald. Paul Cook and Peter Bull were also heavily involved in the overall sound, “it was great working in the studio with the same guys who play live with me”, commented Shane. 


“Hold On” was used to promote the controversial Australian movie “Hobby Farm”, winner of the 2008 New York Film Festival. The films award winning producer Brad Diebert, creator and director of Hobby Farm along with his production crew filmed the clip for “Hold On” which was used to promote the movie Hobby Farm around the world. 


Recently Shane has been writing songs for other artists projects and he has just signed on to write for a new Brad Diebert movie. “I want to make a difference in this world, I really want to be a part of the solution and not the problem, venturing so far down the road of secular music has led me to the conclusion that unless what you are doing has a value then what’s the point”, said Shane.







The Shane McLeay band have 2 Casio Privias in their aresonal - a PX330 and PX130WE. Their PX130WE is featured in the film clip for ‘Turn’.







‘ODDYSY’ available now on iTunes.