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Sydney singer, songwriter and DJ Kate Tomlinson's performance and writing has caught the imagination of many fans and producers alike, developing a cult following in Sydney. In the last three years Kate's music has snowballed from performing casually yet passionately into a full time pursuit.







Kate started writing music at the age of thirteen, performing her works for all who would listen. Realising music was her calling at age fifteen, she recorded her first Ep at metropolis studios in Melbourne and she has not looked back. She has made quite an impact on the local scene, gigging along Sydney's Oxford Street, King's Cross as well as throughout the Blue Mountains and to date has featured on two hip hop albums, written sixty+ songs and provided backing vocals as a session artist for recording studios throughout sydney, such as Stage Door, Stix and Track down. Kate has taken her abilities to a new level with her DJing skills, with a twist, as "DeadiKate" has impressed and gained a large following in the clubbing community, performing her own mixes as well as adding her own vocals throughout her performances. Kate has performed at the Greenwood hotel, The Criterion, The Watershed on harbour, Forbes Hotel, Oscars on Pyrmont and has performed along side artists such as 15 Grams, Tom White and Dj Dan Absent. Kate is now the resident DJ at the Hordern Pavilion.


Kate's love for music, however, is powered by her passion for songwriting. Her unique pop/ballad style is powerfully resonant and catchy, using layered harmonics and acoustic instruments contrasted with synthesised media to achieve an overall uplifting sound. Having worked with producers from ministry of sound and independent label Count Effectz, Kate has been interviewed and had articles published by InTheMix, Drum Media and Street press. Commented by Lee Groves to have a "Great voice" and by Ben Robertson to be "Unstoppable talent", Kate will go on to release a new album this coming year.



Kate just loves the feel of the Casio PX-5S stage piano, and has recently begun incorporating the XW-J1 DJ Controller in to her setup.