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Izera is an enigmatic tour de force of passionate musical creativity. Whether it be a soft and heartfelt romantic ballad or furious improvised instrumental piece, Izera strives at every turn to bring innovation and new ideas with him, leaving a trail of broken ideals and smoldering conventions behind him.



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Seen regularly on Adelaide's streets, Izera is a very well known keyboard busker using the powerful new XW-P1 and the amazing WK-3700 and MZ-2000. The sound and style range from cinematic, funk and experimental electro right through to fierce and ravaging 180bpm techno, all improvised in the moment.

Four years of street performing has earned him a Facebook following of over 14,000 fans spread over four separate pages. Though never content to stay still, he has now set his sights on the club scene as the next progression for his improvised keyboard skills.


Early 2012 saw him start his own self-titled band named "Izera". As main songwriter, lead singer, and synth soloist the road is as rewarding as it is challenging. Taking to the stage with gifted keyboard wizard Deon, the drive and energy of electro drummer Roger, and the elegance and attitude of Jade on guitar.


The impact Izera has with its four Casio synthesizers, impressive custom electric drum kit, striking headless midi guitar and cutting edge vocal effects is immense. The "unique" music, creative style and enigmatic image of this band make placing them into a particular genre challenging so it's best for the individual listener to make up their own mind, though its new wave, rock and industrial influence is undeniable.


Izera pride themselves on entertaining their audiences with a refined show of their combined musical expertise with music that is diverse yet connected and the versatility of Izera's voice is outstanding.








XW-P1, WK-7500

MZ-2000, WK-8000 

WK-3700, CZ-5000 




"I owe my sound and style to Casio keyboards. Only Casio allows me the unique sounds and features I need to play my music, MY WAY. Casio sound amazing, they are simple and quick to use, built tough and are affordable."



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'Six Years Today' (7 track EP)


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